Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen design trends change every decade or so.  Homeowners today want open and thoughtfully design kitchens that blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.   Have an old, dated kitchen and you will be taking tens of thousands of dollar from the value of your home.

Also  new advances in technology like energy efficient appliances, safer and environmentally friendly materials make the yesterday’s the perfect kitchen no functional  or  just plain ugly .

DKB will renovate the kitchen in your home or property from top to bottom. We will use the latest advances in construction technology at the best price and following the codes and safety regulation of the county.

We source our kitchen cabinets and fixtures directly from the manufactures and pass the savings on to our consumers.  You get the best quality and the lowest price.  On time and on Budget.

Kitchen Renovation Process

  1. Meet our kitchen designer to  tell him/her about your needs and/or kitchen dreams
  2. Obtain Permits
  3. Demolition:  we will tear out the old kitchen, remove the cabinets , appliances, etc.
  4. Diagnostic of Plumbing,  Electric and Structural
  5. Replacing of old plumbing and electrical
  6. Installing new or replacement lightning
  7. Installing walls and ceilings
  8. Installing kitchen flooring and baseboards

or removal of .  After making sure that your underline plumbing, electric and other structural is in working condition and up to code the new cabinets, flooring and fixtures will be put in place.  In no time, you will have a dream kitchen in your budget.

Our Services

  • Design of the kitchen layout
  • Several lines of kitchen cabinets
  • Different kinds of flooring
  • Different kinds of backsplash
  • Different kinds of countertops
  • Different kinds of plumbing fixtures
  • We will Obtain city permits if needed

Everything will be install by our licensed professional contractors and employees.